Aaron Gunderson

Hello human, my name is Aaron. I'm a nerd living in Boston focused on continuous learning, and enjoying life while working hard. I work as a a Software Engineer at Skylla Technologies. I'm a curious person with many interests. This is my home on the web. I post short thoughts on my micro blog and longer posts are here.

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Recent Posts:

  • January 20, 2019

    Validation and Feedback

    One thing I struggle with is seeking validation. As a relatively normal human I am often seeking recognition that my emotions, thoughts and observations are legitimate. I seek validation that what I do is meaningful, that people care about what me, etc. There are two sources of this validation, internal and external and most of us are driven and receive mostly external validation.

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  • January 01, 2019

    2018 In Review

    Another year down and how did we do? I had a great year. Highlights were learning a lot, traveling to new places, and improving my health and fitness.

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  • December 08, 2018

    New Job - Robots!

    I recently left my awesome engineering job at BookBub to join a tiny robotics startup. Though I loved my team and the company and mission at BookBub; an opportunity recently came up that I couldn't refuse. Ever since I was a young nerd, I've entertained dreams of working with robots. There is something exciting about a physical object with a "brain" that you brought to life. I've even played with a few robot projects in college and high school but never worked to make it my job.

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