• Post Grad Reading Goals

    December 19, 2016

    Science tells us we should read and successful people make it a priority, so why have I not been reading regularly? During college it is easy to make excuses and say you are too busy or don’t have time to read. I used these excuses over and over again but I don’t really believe them. This past semester I began reading almost daily and it did not hurt my grades or sleep, but by the end of the semester I had stopped reading altogether. Now that I am done with the semester I am trying to catch up on my goal of reading 18 books this year. To do this I need to read five books before January 1st.

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  • How I Work

    December 13, 2016

    The How I Work series on Lifehacker is one of my favorite Lifehacker series. I always enjoy seeing how other people work and see if I an pick up any new tricks. I decided it was time I gave a similar overview.

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  • Ansible and Distributed-Systems Course Project

    November 14, 2016

    This semester I am taking a bunch of cool fun classes before graduation. One of those classes is Distributed Systems and Algorithms. One of our projects was a simplified implementation of a distributed file system using Raymonds algorithm. Implementation was pretty specific to the class and very constrained but something I wanted to share was my usage of Ansible. The project had to be launched in three separate regions and know information about the other hosts. I saw this as the perfect use for the dynamic inventory abilities of Ansible I’ve used previously.

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  • My First Gem

    February 28, 2016

    I spent a large part of my Saturday learning a new programming language. Who doesn’t do that every now and then? I spent the afternoon learning some Ruby and publishing my first Ruby Gem. This summer I will be interning at a company using Ruby on Rails and I want to be able to dive in head first into the work without worrying about picking up a brand new language.

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  • Dell Chromebook 13 Review

    February 07, 2016

    I am back to school and school means I’m relying on a laptop everyday. The problem is my schedule this semester puts me in class for 8 hours Monday and Thursday with no power outlets in sight. My Thinkpad T430s even with the extra bay battery would not be able to reliably last the day if I needed it. My laptop works great for me except for two things, display and battery life. I have been getting around 4-5 hours of battery life on my Thinkpad and the display is 1600x900 which is below my 1920x1080 minimum preference. I have been looking for a laptop to supplement or replace my Thinkpad for a while now.

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  • Open Office Life

    August 09, 2015

    This summer I have been working in an open office environment on the operations team at Onshape. It has been an awesome experience and I have been learning a ton. This has been my first experience working as a software engineer in an office and I have definitely grown and learned a lot. One thing that has impacted me the most at this internship has been the open office space.

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