2018 Goals Progress February 04, 2018

I didn’t create a post outlining 2018 goals because it felt a little cliché. Now that I’m a month into my goals and the hub-bub and planning has died down I wanted to document my public goals.

Fitness Goals

  1. Run a half marathon
  2. Climb at V5 bouldering/5.12 top rope
  3. Go on a backpacking trip

Professional Goals

  1. Blog regularly(minimum 6 posts)
  2. Attend a tech conference
  3. Launch two simple projects
  4. Improve writing through blogging and reading

Learning Goals

  1. Take two online classes in new subjects
  2. Read 40 books

Hobby Goals

  1. Make 24 new dishes
  2. Learn some Korean

I hope to follow through with these goals and will be blogging about my progress.

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