My First Gem February 28, 2016

I spent a large part of my Saturday learning a new programming language. Who doesn’t do that every now and then? I spent the afternoon learning some Ruby and publishing my first Ruby Gem. This summer I will be interning at a company using Ruby on Rails and I want to be able to dive in head first into the work without worrying about picking up a brand new language.

So what did I make for my first foray into Ruby? I made a simple Command Line Interface for Todoist. A to-do manager I have recently started using. Though not super glamorous or original( there are many a cli wrapper for Todoist) I wanted to build something I could use in my everyday life and was also small enough to allow me to have useful code at the end of one day.

Mission accomplished. I have built something small for myself that I’m proud of as a first stab at learning Ruby. It’s not super complicated but introduced me to sending HTTP requests, classes, modules, hashes, reading and writing files, and writing command line utilities. I have more features that I would like to add but for now I have an installable gem on Ruby Gems.

I plan on adding more functionality as well as testing as I get a chance but would love feedback on my Ruby application structure and coding style. I have lots more too learn! What did you learn new today?

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