Here are a few projects I have worked on.


AT&T Tech Valley Civic App challenge banner.

Eventy, an iOS application that helps citizens find community events nearby, where and when they'll happen, and get directions to get involved in the community.


Screenshot of the Whiteboard webpage.

Whiteboard helps keep track of your homework and grades for your classes and allows groups to keep track of members grades for membership requirements.


Screenshot of the RCOS homepage.

Observatory is a open source project tracking dashboard for Rensselaer Center for Open Source that I work on.

Rensselaer Electric Vehicle

Picture of a red car on sawhorses with REV on hood.

Currently the acting Electronics Lead for the electric car team at RPI. We compete in the Shell Eco-Marathon and have two cars. I work mostly with the control systems of the vehicles.


Base of robot being worked on with motors, chains and a frame.

Drink serving robot turned into a Nerf dispensing robot.