New Job - Robots! December 08, 2018

I recently left my awesome engineering job at BookBub to join a tiny robotics startup. Though I loved my team and the company and mission at BookBub; an opportunity recently came up that I couldn't refuse. Ever since I was a young nerd, I've entertained dreams of working with robots. There is something exciting about a physical object with a "brain" that you brought to life. I've even played with a few robot projects in college and high school but never worked to make it my job.

I've mainly been learning and working on web and operations projects with some distributed systems work. Pretty far from most robot projects, but an old college friend had started a company building robot solutions and could use me. The company consulting to either retrofit or build new robots that are human and environment aware. I joined the team primarily to leverage my experience to connect the robots and build tools for robots and humans to understand their world.

I started working my new job the week of Thanksgiving and it's been an awesome few weeks. I'm learning a ton and am excited for everything in the works. Interesting in hearing more or catching up? Feel free to hit me up. I think this stuff is super interesting and I'm excited to be working on these problems.