Gitlab Status Bar March 20, 2020

Led status bar image with two green and two blue lights lit in front of git terminal

Augmenting my workflow and home with unobstrusive intelligent devices has long been interesting to me. My apartment is decidedly not smart but this has been a project I was thinking about for a while. I programmed a Blinkstick Strip as a display bar visualizing the status of continuous integration builds for Gitlab.

Status bar is reminiscient of the Canary monitoring project I began back in college for a class project. Originally inspired by The Mailbox Lights the idea is to translate events into a light pattern. An intriguing way to show the gestalt of a complex system.

I have a few more ideas on helpful tasks to visualize and I want spend a little more time honing the project in the future. Introduce some personal and private ambient intelligence into my workflow.

Here is another photo of the bar showcasing the running pipeline visible in browser and on the bar. Status bar with one blue light in front of Gitlab CI screenshot

Right now the project is only a couple hours into development and not complicated but you can still check out the code I wrote on Gitlab here. Anything you think would be interesting to visualize this way?

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