Affirming Black Lives Matter July 14, 2020

I am affirming that black lives matter.

Does that upset you?


It should not.

If I say your life matters does that mean your life is the only one that matters? Of course not. But right now, in American, we need to pronounce that Black Lives Matter and take a serious hard look at our systems and ensure we are making them equitable in their distribution of freedom and justice.

I encourage you to make contributions in your community to help shape a diverse and equitable future.

Since I work in technology and live in Boston, I wanted to call out two local programs: Both of these projects help support and empower Black and Latinx to break and flourish in the tech industry.



Hack.Diversity is a high energy, positive group that I volunteered with once at BookBub. Read how you can support them here: Act in Solidarity with Hack.Diversity.

Resilient Coders


Resilient Coders is a boot camp to train people of color for careers as software engineers. I have committed to a monthly monetary donation for them and encourage you to do the same. Donate

If you have the authority and the openings both of these organizations are looking for placements for their engineers! Hire diverse tech talent, we need it.

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